Our Privacy Policy

We like our privacy as much as we hope that you do.

We (HCO) don't sell any portion of your information to anyone. Our point of sale software does keep track of your purchase history for very practical reasons. We've flipped every switch to "off" that we can in terms of customer data sharing.

However, they (the platform providers) do share some data with their marketing partners. (see the bottom of this page to opt out of that funny business)

Our website uses cookies or pixels (they all do), but we're not following you around the internet. If given the opportunity to decline cookies you should absolutely do so. Some cookies are around to provide essential site security and to let the website function properly.

Occasionally we will send out an email announcing new product or a special sale. If those get too obnoxious, let us know. We try to keep those to a minimum.

We do not spend money on google ad's or Facebook marketing. This site is really trying to be a service for our customers.

For good measure we put this here, use it: